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Instagram Magnets from Sticky9

Can you remember the last time you printed photos? I think the last time I printed any pictures was when Eric and I got married. That was 5 years ago last weekend! As you can see, May 30th 2009 was a glorious day in the Rocky Mountains!

It blows my mind how much life has changed since 2009. The pace has especially picked up over the past 8 weeks since Luca came into the world! On May 30th, 2014 Eric and I took Luca to the spot where we got married. The boy was drooling and somehow managed to still look cute! I want to remember these special little moments in another 5 years and thought it was time to look into printing some of our family photos.

photo (37)I decided to order Instagram magnets from Sticky 9. Sticky9 was born in London in 2011 out of a love of Instagram and a desire to make cool, real-life stuff from digital content. Below is a little look at the photos I ordered and I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 12.51.41 PMIf you are interested in ordering your own Sticky9 Instagram magnets, use the promotional code FRIENDX7I5 to receive 15% off!

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