/meet the maker: fitglow

meet the maker: fitglow

“I have crazy reactive, rosacea-prone skin with sun damage from years of running outside,” Anna shares. “I spent so long trying to find something that would treat my skin damage without irritating my rosacea. I felt very defeated. The more mainstream products would work a bit, but their ingredients were questionable. And when I turned to natural products, especially ones with essential oils, they would aggravate my rosacea.”

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. “I became a little—actually, very— obsessed with learning how the skin works. I made products for me and a few close friends to help with our skin issues. I never intended to start a brand or be in the beauty industry. I just wanted to help people.”

With only a few products under her belt, Anna opened a stall at a local farmers’ market. “One of the best things about this experience was that I could see Fitglow customers’ skin improve week after week, and I could focus my product development on their needs. All Fitglow products in the lineup, even today, started because I wanted to help real people with actual skin issues. I never look to trends, but rather dig deep into research so I can create formulas that are effective.” 

Fitglow has evolved from a passion project into an innovative range of high-performance skincare and makeup with a major following. Fitglow formulas feel, in a word, advanced. Sleek airless pumps house pillowy creams, lightweight lotions, and silky serums that are packed with plant actives. And while the line is built on skincare, the Vita-Active Foundation, brimming with brightening botanicals, and the Lip Color Serum, a plumping potion meets gorgeous gloss, get a lot of love from die-hard fans. Anna tells us, “We use evidence-based plant ingredients to treat the skin 24 hours a day. First we nourish with a skincare routine, then improve the performance by adding our treatment-based makeup. It’s a comprehensive approach to taking care of your skin.” 

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With a hit on her hands, plus three rescue dogs, Anna was already busy—and then came motherhood. “I had my son 18 months ago, and everything changed. Trying to balance being a business owner and a mom is a struggle some days, but it’s definitely worth it. I look at the world in a new way now, and want to ensure that my son has a great future. He even inspired us to take further steps to improve our environmental impact with more refillable and sustainable packaging.”

Ten years into making skincare, we asked Anna if her mission has changed since her farmers’ market days. “My goal is still very much the same,” she says. “I want to help people love their skin and continue to develop plant-based products that work.”

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