/Project #4: Triangle Wallpaper

Project #4: Triangle Wallpaper

This weekend, Eric and I made great progress in the baby’s room. In the span of 2 days, we put up wallpaper, rolled out the carpet and stripped wallpaper off the kid’s dresser. While there is still lots to do in this space, it is starting to come together!

baby-room-progressNot bad considering, this room looked like this last week:

crib1 And this last year:

both-desksThe wallpaper is in and it was not without drama. Eric made a mistake and thought we were going to have to order a new roll before the project could be completed. Luckily, he was able to solve the problem without doubling the cost of the project!

photo (30)I tried to take a few photos of the process but Eric was a grumpy pants. He still claims that wallpapering is the toughest DIY project he’s taken on to-date. He wouldn’t even let me in the room during the process, let alone snap a few photos. This is the best I could do…

photo (29)The wallpaper is designed by Lisa Congdon and can be found at Hygge & West.

While we’ve made lots of progress, there’s still much to do. Next, I think we’ll revamp the old IKEA dresser. I’m thinking about painting it a bright and cheerful gender neutral yellow. After taking off the wallpaper the dresser currently looks like this:

baby-room-progress2 At this stage, the dresser looks worse than it did before. Although it was pretty before, painting the dresser a bright and cheerful colour will bring its style more up-to-date. It will also help ties this old piece of furniture in with the rest of the room’s decor.

crib5While I love the carpet, I worry that it is a little on the pink side. Since we don’t know the sex of the baby, I was hoping for something that was a little more gender neutral. The small sample we initially looked at was not as pink.

photo (31)I am hoping that adding in art work, painting the dresser, and changing out the curtains will downplay the pink in the carpet. If we have a boy, he is just going to have to learn to love pink! Despite the pink carpet, I believe this unborn child now has a cooler room than its parents. What a stylish little fetus.

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